Wednesday, 24 August 2011

New Layout and Name!

Well as you can see i have changed the layout abit and changed the name. The name is based on a Love letter by Lugwig Van Beethoven which i love. I recently bought a book called Love Letters Of Great Men. It features loads of letters written by many famous people, from Beethoven to Lord Byron. It has some of the most romantic letters in history. I still have to start reading it but i dont think ill be dissapointed by it. What made me buy this? well i was watching The Sex and the City movie and carries lying in bed with big (i hope you guys know who im talking about) and shes reading this book and i just love the one shes reading, i wont tell you what it is, cos yeah i think everyone should buy the book! Lol, i will post updates about it and let you know what i think! :D

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